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When is Memorial day 2017 ? Happy Memorial Day Facts, Information, History & Speech

When is Memorial day 2017: Memorial day 2017 is the most famous festival in USA. This day is foreseen in many more countries to honor the people who died working for the USA military. The memorial day is also known as the decoration day.

When is Memorial Day 2017 Celebrated In USA -

Why is Memorial day celebrated History: When is Memorial day is a big question as the dates are variant in each country. There are different reasons for Memorial day in different countries. {Also Read: Unique Ways to Celebrate Happy Memorial Day || Memorial Day Activities 2017} Memorial day is observed every year on the last Monday of the month May. The day was formerly known as the Decoration day as told earlier and it all started after the American Civil War to honor the soldiers who died serving for the Country and who have dedicated their life for The Nation. In late 90s Memorial day has not only been limited to remember the people died in the war but to all those who died during the military service. {Also Read: Top #50 Happy Memorial Day 2017 Clip Art Images Pictures Wallpapers & Greetings} So it extended to many countries to remember one day to all those who died in the service. The memorial day then ends up with the commencement of Labor day.

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Memorial day Celebrations: People use to go to the cemeteries to remember their loved ones, and those who don't have any loved ones that died for the nation are the patriots who still go to the cemeteries for their sympathy and honor.

Some people do confuse the Memorial day with the veterans day. Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans.

Memorial Day 2017 Celebration Date In UK

memorial day 2017 Pictures
memorial day 2017 Pictures

Memorial day the UK is celebrated on 27 January 2017. Inhabitants of the neighborhood region will come together with millions over the world to grieve the victimized people. MEMORIAL DAY is celebrated on 27 January every year in the UK. Memorial Day weekend is a period for everybody to stop to recall a large number of individuals who have been killed or whose lives have been changed to a greater extent. Some people are unnoticed who have done much for their countrymen but aren't named or recognize by any single person. People pray for all those good souls. The celebrations in the UK are worthy to see. Memorial day in the UK is liked by all the United Kingdom citizens.

Memorial Day 2017 Celebration Date In India

Memorial Day India is celebrated on Sunday, May 10th. The Memorial Day in India is not less than anyone else. The people here also do remember the patriots who gave up their life for a good cause so that their upcoming descendant live happily.

Memorial Day 2017 Celebration Date In Australia

Memorial Day India is celebrated on 24, May 10th.


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